Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Where are you all?

Tuesday October 27th.

Well I was hoping someone would notice my blog but they have not so I will have to try and contact you all singly......as I do not know where you are that will be difficult! I will try and email you.
I am getting progressively better with every day that passes the pain decreases. The doc did say I had to be patient but it has been 3 weeks of continual pain in the shoulder. It made me very depressed and fed up. However this week I am feeling more like my old self and not dosed up to t the eyeballs with potent pain killers!
I had a wonderful weekend in Chepstow celebrating my cousin Eileen's 80th birthday! It was a surprise party and she had no idea that 100 people all froends and family had been invited to her house for a party. We all clubbed together to buy her a ticket to Sri Lanka so that she can spend Xmas with her daughter Juliette, Richard and her 3 grandsons, Rupert, Finlay and Marlow. They are embarking on a world tour in 2 weeks time and will be travelling all over the world for the next 10 months! How exciting for them. They are going to South Africa first and then to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia,Australia, New Zealand, and then on to usa before returning to England in 10 months time. WOW!
I would love to do that if I had the money!
Well must go now please log on here and leave a comment especially if you are from jland!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Im back blogging!

Thursday October 22nd.
Well I have finally got round to restarting my blog after Aol unexpectedly closed down. I wonder where all my friends from Jland have got to. I know Janey is here as I have used her link to register on this blog site.
What have I been up to? Well lots since I last wrote on my blog! I had my gall stone operation eventually and had the bladder removed. It was not too bad but it took me ages to get back on my feet again afterwards.
I have been very busy during the last year and I am now back in London 3 days a week teaching. This is a special project for my old school...one-to-one tuition for 14 yr olds mostly boys who are grossly under-achieving at school. I am teaching them English and I was thoroughly enjoying it until 2 weeks ago, when I caught a cold which went to my chest and I ended up with a nasty chest infection. So I had to stay at home to recouperate and what was worse the coughing caused muscle strain in my shoulder and it has been agony. So I am now back on painkillers and hoping the pain will soon subside.
I am still trying to lose weight and give up smoking...both unsuccessfully! I have decided that if I feel ok generally, then I will not bother with abstaining from the two things I love; food and ciggies!You need to just get on with life and be happy...don't you agree?
My shoulder is aching badly at the moment so I will not stay long today. Must go and get another painkiller!
Cheerio...see you again!