Thursday, 22 October 2009

Im back blogging!

Thursday October 22nd.
Well I have finally got round to restarting my blog after Aol unexpectedly closed down. I wonder where all my friends from Jland have got to. I know Janey is here as I have used her link to register on this blog site.
What have I been up to? Well lots since I last wrote on my blog! I had my gall stone operation eventually and had the bladder removed. It was not too bad but it took me ages to get back on my feet again afterwards.
I have been very busy during the last year and I am now back in London 3 days a week teaching. This is a special project for my old tuition for 14 yr olds mostly boys who are grossly under-achieving at school. I am teaching them English and I was thoroughly enjoying it until 2 weeks ago, when I caught a cold which went to my chest and I ended up with a nasty chest infection. So I had to stay at home to recouperate and what was worse the coughing caused muscle strain in my shoulder and it has been agony. So I am now back on painkillers and hoping the pain will soon subside.
I am still trying to lose weight and give up smoking...both unsuccessfully! I have decided that if I feel ok generally, then I will not bother with abstaining from the two things I love; food and ciggies!You need to just get on with life and be happy...don't you agree?
My shoulder is aching badly at the moment so I will not stay long today. Must go and get another painkiller!
Cheerio...see you again!

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  1. Hallo Dear Connie ,so pleased to hear from you again where have you been I have missed you so does my siter Jean ..get in touch Jan xx